Build Your Own Bundle - Free Quote

Build Your Own Bundle - Free Quote

When you build your own bundle (BYOB), you pick the products and quantities that are right for your church or nonprofit display! The BYOB is the perfect kit for church plants.

Receive a free quote today!

BYOB Must Include:

  • A minimum of 3 different products
  • A minimum total quantity of 6
  • A total price minimum of $1,000.00

To receive a free custom BYOB quote, list the names and quantities of each product you would like in your bundle (separated with commas) in the space provided below, and place your order. Alternatively, you can email us at with any questions or request your quote that way.

We will be in touch with you regarding your quote as soon as we can.

*A base fee of $200 will be added to each BYOB for quality customization.  Quality customization includes (but is not limited to) personalized customer service, specialized care of your order, and valuable assistance in configuring the perfect bundle for you!

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