Light Boxes and Lots of Guacamole

April 25, 2016 Hannah Hochstetler

So, you have a display for your lobby or next convention and you like it a lot. You have the trendy graphics that excite and draw people in. Your message is clear and calls viewers to action. You have even have the coolest free t-shirts to hand out, and everyone knows it. Your display is top notch, yet despite all this, you still have that nagging feeling in the back of your head whispering that it’s not quite there yet… but what are you missing?

A backlit display, that’s what.

What makes a Lightbox so cool?
Lightbox displays are the extra credit of the display industry. They transform graphics that wow on their own, into art that astounds. They turn great booths into exceptional exhibits. They are the mate that brings the extra large bowl of fresh guacamole to the party, instead of a mild jar of salsa. Everybody loves the guac guy; everybody loves the backlit displays.

Besides the fact that they just look freaking awesome, there are a few characteristics that set these displays apart from the rest.


  1. The lights are preinstalled into the frame. That’s right – no twisting bulbs into sockets. (Your wrists will thank us later.)
  2. Graphics look frameless thanks to the tuck-installation of Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG).
  3. The SEG minimize the amount of Aluminum Extrusion frame that shows, allowing for maximum presentation.
  4. All of the backlit displays we offer are portable and modular, and are easy to set up.
  5. SuperNova LED Technology creates the brilliant whites and vibrant hues that turn heads and make jaws drop.
  6. There are only two electrical plugs to think about. That’s less than the standard number of blind mice. 


Backlit Displays make a grand impression. It’s as simple as that. Add a light box to your display, and give your display the gold star it deserves.

View our entire selection of backlit displays in our custom design section.


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