Is Your Church Branded?

March 24, 2016 Hannah Hochstetler

Are you aware how important church branding is?

Not only does it let your church as well as community members know more about what you’re about, it also maintains a consistency with everything you do.

Or, at least it should.

Consistency is key when it comes to brands. If the graphics you display on a Sunday morning do not reflect the print materials you are sending out to the community, it creates a discord.

In the words of Brady Shearer, “Unity in your branding communicates unity in your church. Purpose in your branding communicates purpose in your church. Consistency in your branding communicates consistency in your church.”

Think about any large business or corporation. You know what their logo looks like, and you can typically recognize any of their advertisements. They stay consistent and make their brand cohesive across all platforms. Churches can (and should) do this, too.

The easiest way to maintain consistency within your brand is to stick to a few key colors. Does your logo have a main color? That color should be driving force of your brand. Once you have established the main color, select a two other “supporting” colors that will bring your brand some variance, while still being cohesive.

The same tips apply to fonts. One of the largest areas of inconsistency I see in church design and branding is a wide variety of fonts. Choose one main font, a clean and easily legible one, to be the main communication font within your brand. This font should be used the most. From there, you can choose one or two complementary fonts that are used as well. While these fonts should be the meat and potatoes of your brand, you can still add variation within your graphics to spice them up from time to time. Just be sure that the variety does not clash with your branding.

At Displays for Church, our goal is help you communicate and express your brand in a large and visible way. By promoting your brand within the church itself, your congregation will begin to identify with it, and visitors will be able to recognize it. By establishing your brand, you establish and cement your presence not only within your local community, but with anyone who comes across you.

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